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Safe and Secure

Providing a safe and secure working environment for project investors, owners, managers, contractors, consultants, staff, engineers and labors is a daily concern of our HSE managemnt team. Working with us will provide clients with confident, loyal, faitful, and freindship environment to insure succes for all project partners. 

Eco business sys...

Our social and environment commitments dictate us to implement Eco Business system in designs , procure and construction of oil & gas projects. Whether your project is in offshore or onshore or anywhere in between, you are in our Eco Business System area and we take care all Global Environment Facilities regulations at all.

New Era...

Today, we are putting together the New Era technologies cooperative. NPSN Provides complex design, procurement, construction, installation, hookup and commissioning solutions, technical consultancy, and simlified & executable method statements using the latest optimized new technologies for your project.

All in your hand

Working with us will prove that what you are doing are done all by your hands. We make your days one by one and one after the other by thinking collaborations and technical cooperation, learning from you in paralel with teaching you make a powerful driven force for projects. Serve yourself by our high technology assessments.

Clients Say!

"We are really appreciative of the expertise and care you have brought to looking after our EPC projects، financial affairs, project management services and are very grateful indeed for the restructurings that you have helped our staff to finish our projects on time and at cost."

"NPSN have provided us with a professional and persnal services on all of our projects matters for over two decades. The staff are efficient, friendly and aim to deal with your projects as quickly as possible."

"We just wanted to say thank you for the professional level of service provided by your staff throughout  our upstream gas projects.  We couldn't have made it without your team's patience with the numerous changes requested. You were especially accommodating with our constant requests, and cheerfully went out of your way to make yourself available at all hours to answer any questions which came up." 


Latest News

BIPC HDP Project finished successfuly

Construction Supervision of High Density Polyethylene Factory for Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex has been finished by NPSN successfuly. NPSN engineers supervises Engineering, Procurement and Construction...

Cost Estimation of PEDEC upstream Gas Fields

Cost Estimation of PEDEC upstream Gas Fields have been finished. the Fields includes: Exploration, Drilling, Offshore Platforms, Offshore Pipelines, Gathering Units, Central Processing Facilities, Transfer...

Oil & Gas Equipment Market Survey

NPSN have finished market analysis and survey for MAPNA. Upstream and midstream key equipment market, demand and supply for next 5 yeras have been analysed in this project.
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